Christian Financial Advisors

Let us help you steward your resources for God's Glory.

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Christian Financial Advisors

Let us help you steward your resources for God's Glory.

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Why Work With a Christian Financial Advisor?

Biblical Wisdom

Our Christian financial advisors rely on God's word for counsel instead of worldly wisdom. The Bible is full of practical advice that can help us steward God's resources. (Explore these helpful bible verses money.)

Integrity & Excellence

All financial professionals must comply with regulators, but our Christian financial advisors answer to the Lord. A Christ-honoring advisor always seeks to be honest and serve their clients and God through wisdom and excellence.

God's Glory First

It’s our goal to help you build wealth for your future in a biblically responsible way. That means saving, investing, and giving money for God’s glory — even if it means fewer fees are collected. We take Acts 20:35 literally, believing it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Are You Unknowingly Profiting from Sinful Activities in Your Investment Accounts?

Most financial advisors unequally yoke their customers to organizations that advocate and fund sinful practices and ideologies. To help educate our clients on developing a biblical foundation for financial growth, our advisors have developed a guide to promote Biblically Responsible Investing.

Are You Faithful With Your Finances?

We’re all responsible to God for how we manage our resources, but practicing financial faithfulness on your own can be overwhelming and time consuming. Learning how to become a good steward is fundamental to building wealth and spiritual prosperity for the kingdom of God.

What Is Biblical Stewardship?

Not Sure If You're Profiting from Sinful Activities?

Our advisors can help you know exactly what activities you are profiting from. Talk to an advisor who can walk you through the entire process.

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We Understand ...

As Christians, when we discovered that the investments we recommended to our clients were profiting from sinful activities, we were shocked. So we changed our investment strategies to only include Biblically Responsible Investments.

With a combined 50+ years of industry experience, our team has helped hundreds of investors just like you. 

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Inspire Advisors



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Here are a few of the benefits:


Feel confident knowing you're working with qualified Christian financial advisors. We help you build a stable future, seeking to align a personalized investment strategy with your deeply held faith and financial goals.

Peace of Mind

Gain peace of mind each day as our experienced team of investors keeps a close eye on your investments. It's our goal to mitigate risk and maximize gain through our proven wealth-building strategies.


Acquire the knowledge you need to avoid the most common Christian investor pitfalls. We use our extensive expertise to help you build a faith-based financial plan centered on biblically ethical investments.

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Discover if you're profiting from sinful activities in your 401k, IRA, or other investment accounts. Our advisors will provide helpful biblical insights into what it means to align your investments with the right — or wrong — companies.


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Transfer your investments to Inspire Advisors. We look forward to partnering with you in building a Christ-centered and biblically responsible investing strategy.