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Inspire Impact Report Request

1. What Do You Own?

We will complete a free analysis of your investments. Send us a PDF copy of your investment statements to, or type the ticker symbols of the stocks you own and the percentage of your investments in each ticker in the form below. Click HERE to learn what the Bible says about investing and money.

2. Avoid the Bad 

Our report will show you the companies you own that are not aligned with Biblical values. We screen out companies that manufacture or contribute to abortions, pornography, alcoholism, gambling, tobacco, LGBTQ activism, and more. But don't worry this still leaves us with plenty of amazing companies to invest in.

3. Invest in the Good

We will find the most Inspiring companies that are a blessings to their customers, their supply chain and the world. We select companies with the highest Inspire Impact Scores to build our investment plans. To read more about our Biblically Responsible Investing process click here.

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